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Jig Strongback & Flare Forms

Jig Strongback & Flare Forms 01_web

Construction begins with the jig strongback and flare forms. Ordinary lumber yard spruce 2 x 4s and 2x6s were used for the building jig. The jig strongback was a 2x10 spruce plank.

Jig Strongback & Flare Forms 02_web

The flare forms were laid out on the base of the building jig assembly which provided a handy surface for measuring distances and angles.

Jig Strongback & Flare Forms 03_web

The first completed flare form. Leveled and braced and with notches cut for the keelson.

Jig Strongback & Flare Forms 04_web

Completed flare forms.

Jig Strongback & Flare Forms 05_web

Another view of the completed flare forms.

Jig Strongback & Flare Forms 06_web

The Shop workspace
This photo illustrates the problem that was created in the workshop once the building jig was set up. The shop is only 20’ by 20’ with half of the space devoted to a workbench and power tools. The other half is the work area and that’s where the Pelican was put together. The photo shows how the Pelican with its 6’wide beam has used up all the available space with very little room to move around.

It was now time to close up the workshop and go into hibernation for the Winter.

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