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Leaving The Workshop

Leave Workshop 04

Finally it was time for Nessie to emerge from her birthplace into the outside world. I had a friend help with this operation. We helped the building platform up over the threshold and it was then ready to slide down the two planks.

Leave Workshop 07

The building platform was then pulled out with a chain hooked to the pickup truck.

Leave Workshop 12

There was a slight hitch in the move when the building platform slid off one of the planks.

Leave Workshop 17

After a slight adjustment to get her back up on the planks she slid smoothly down the rest of the way and Nessie was out in the sunshine.


Rigging 01

The next couple of days were spent installing the rest of the hardware and setting up the rigging.


Sails 01

Lacing the mainsail to the spars.

Sails Main & Jib

The sails were hauled up and there she was - Finished!

The construction process took about six months.

There was only one thing left to do now and that was to Launch the boat

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