Construction Page 11

Hardware & Rigging Details

Detail Bowsprit 2

Bowsprit and Bobstay

Detail Stem Post Eyebolt

Stem Post Screw Eye

Detail Pelican Hook

Pelican Hook and Bow Eye

Detail Jib Downhaul Cleat

Jib Hauldown Cleat

Detail Mast Rigging

Mast Hounds & Shrouds

Detail Shroud Lashing

Shroud Lashing

Detail Console Block

Console Block with a Bollard Cleat and two Cam Cleats

Detail Jib Sheet Block & Oarlock

Jib Sheet Block & Oarlock

The Oarlock Sockets will be used for fishing rod holders when we are trolling for Striped Bass and Bluefish. 

Detail Oarlock Stowage

Oarlock Stowage under the thwart

Detail Stern Deck Block

Stern Deck Block

Detail Cockpit

Cockpit with 2 Stowage Compartments, the 2 Stern Deck Blocks & 5” Bronze Cleat.

The kick-up Rudder Control Lines are tied off to a 4” Nylon Cleat on top of the Tiller

Detail Centerboard


Detail Centerboard Stay-up Pin

Centerboard Stay-up Pin attached to the centerboard rope

Detail Centerboard Trunk Hardware

Centerboard Trunk Hardware
Double Clam Cleat, Cam Cleat and a general pourpose 4” Nylon Cleat 

Detail Rudder

Kick-up Rudder

The top line lifts the Rudder and the bottom line lowers it. Both lines are tied off to a 4”Nylon Cleat on top of the Tiller.

Detail Motor Mount Bracket

Motor Mount Bracket

Detail Motor Mount

Motor Mount

Detail Motor Mounted

2.5 HP Motor

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