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Keelson and Knees

Keelson & Knees_web

Once construction began again in March, the first job was to attach the 2” mahogany knees to a 3/4” x 6” mahogany keelson. The building plans call for a laminated keelson made from 1/2” plywood but I chose to use 3/4” mahogany since I had plenty of mahogany boards on hand. It was still quite cold in the workshop so the keelson was set up in our kitchen where it was warm enough for curing the glue. This photo shows the keelson and the stern transom knee after it was glued and screwed together, being placed on the building jig.


Transoms 01_web

The keelson was pulled down to the jig strongback and the transom pieces were clamped together for a test fitting..3/8” marine plywood was used for the transoms.

Transoms 02_web

Top view - test fitting of the bow transom

Transoms 03_web

Side view - test fitting the bow transom
This view shows the spanish windlass that was used to pull the keelson down to the jig strongback.

Transoms 04_web

Gluing the transoms
Once again it was necessary to set up in the kitchen so that the transom pieces could be glued and screwed together.


Chines 01_web

The chine logs were made from 2 3/8” x 1 1/8” mahogany. They were bent into place with a lot of help from clamps, ropes and a spanish windlass.

Chines 02_web

Chine & bow transom
The chines didn’t match up to the bow transom as they were supposed to so I had to use a filler piece at that junction.

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