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Side Planking

Side Planking 01_web

Scarf joints for the side planking.

I had a hard time deciding between butt block joints or scarf joints for the 3/8” x 2’ marine plywood planking but finally decided to go with the scarf joints. Never having done a scarf joint before I played it safe and purchased the West System Scarffer circular saw attachment. The decision proved to be a good one because it made nearly perfect scarf joints which were much better than I could have done by hand.

Side Planking 02_web

The two sections of 2’ wide side planking ready for gluing.

Side Planking 03_web

Epoxy gluing the side planking joints.
Two 2’ by 8’ plywood panels were glued together for the side planking. Winter lasts a long tome in Maine and it was still pretty cold in the shop. The wood box stove will warm the workshop well enough for comfortable working conditions but it isn’t enough to allow for proper curing of the epoxy glue. I set up a heat lamp that I had on hand that was used for brooding baby chicks and it worked well.

Side Planking 04_web

Side planking in place.

Side Planking 05_web

Side planking attached.

Silicon bronze screws were used for all attachments throughout the boat.

Bottom Planking

Bottom Planking 01

Scarf joint for the bottom planking.

When it came time to scarf and glue the 3/8 x 4’ wide marine plywood bottom planking I ran into another space problem. The only space available was on the side of the workshop that was being used for a workbench and the power tools. I had to temporarily move a lot of miscellaneous lumber, the grinder, cutoff saw, table saw and band saw out of the way to make room for the 4’ wide bottom panels.

Bottom Planking 02

Bottom planking attached.

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