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Fiberglassing the Bottom

Fiberglassing Bottom

After taping all the seams with fiberglass tape the bottom was covered with fiberglass cloth.

Lifting The Hull Off The Jig.

Lifting Hull 01

After covering the entire bottom and sides with fiberglass resin it was now time to turn the boat over and start working on the inside. The hull was lifted a bit at a time, one end and then the other until it was high enough to rest on two sawhorses.

Lifting Hull 02

After the hull was sitting on the sawhorses I was able to get underneath to remove all the building jig structure and supports.

Turning The Boat Over & Leveling The Hull

Leveling 01

The hull was turned over by myself without any help other than a few ropes. The empty hull isn’t very heavy at this point but the size of the thing made the job a less than pleasurable experience.for just one person

The next step was to accurately level the hull. Most of  the work performed from now on would depend on everything being level.

Leveling 02

An accurate level was obtained by placing measured markers from the base line to the bottom of the hull both fore and aft. From now on the hull would be built on just the rails of the building jig and I used that to establish the base line.

Restoring The Breadth

Restoring Breadth

Four lengths of 2 x 4 were used restore the proper breadth to the hull.

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