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Sheer Clamp

Sheer Clamp

The 1 7/8” x 7/8” mahogany sheer clamp was glued and screwed to the inside of the 3/8” plywood side planking.

.Laminated Deck Beams

Laminated Deck Beams 01

The mold for shaping the laminated deck beams was made from a 6’ 2x8 in the workshop..

Laminated Deck Beams 02

The deck beams were made from 1 1/2” x 1/2 “ plywood. The mold was set up inside the house so that we would have the proper temperature for curing of the resin glue.

Laminated Deck Beams 03

Finished deck beams, ready for installation.

Deck Beams

This view shows the four deck beams and the carlings being installed.

Stem Post & Eye Bolt

Stem Post 01

The stem post was made from a clear piece of pine lumber 1 1/2” x 3” by 34 1/8” long. This view shows the stem post being bolted to the bow knee.

Stem Post 02

Outside view of the stem post attachment.

Mast Step Box

Mast Step Box

The mast step box was made from a base of 3/4” mahogany and three layers of 1/2” plywood.

Mast Rake

Mast Rake

The proper mast rake was obtained by hanging a plumbob from the top of the mast to the deck. The hull had to be partially rolled outside the shop door to step the mast. Pipe rollers were placed under the building platform and it rolled out quite easily.

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