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Foredeck and Afterdeck


Test fitting the 3/8” marine plywood foredeck.
The foredeck was bent into place with clamps and a spanish windlass.


Test fitting the afterdeck..

.Side Deck Frames

Side Deck Frames

The side deck knees and frames were made from 3/4” mahogany.

Centerboard Slot

Centerboard Slot 01

After all that work putting the hull together it’s now time to cut a 55 1/2” hole in it!

The jig strongback plank with all the stations marked on it was left inside the hull during much of the construction and it came in real handy for locating the correct position of various parts of the boat.

Centerboard Slot 02

After marking the location of the centerboard slot the 1” wide slot was cut.



The centerboard was next put in place to check for proper fit.

Centerboard Trunk

Centerboard Trunk 04

Installing the trunk headledges.

Centerboard Trunk 05

Test fitting the 1/2” marine plywood trunk side panels.

Centerboard Trunk 06

Attaching the thwart supports to the side panels.

Centerboard Pivot

Centerboard Pivot

This view shows the centerboard pivot and plumbing installed.

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