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The thwarts being installed.



After the thwarts were installed the coamings were installed.

Side Decks and Trim


This view shows all the coamings in place, the side decks installed and coaming trim being installed.



From all the photos I have seen it appears that like many features of the Pelican there are no two alike when it comes to the seats. I chose to use 3/4” mahogany running between the thwarts to the stern coaming.

Also shown in this view is the strange looking slot in the center of the stern coaming. When I cut and fit the forward coaming it didn’t fit properly so instead of wasting that big piece of 3/4” marine plywood I used it for the stern coaming. The hole may be covered later with a boom crutch support.


Footlings 01

When it came time to install the 1/2” plywood footlings in the bottom of the boat I had planned to use cement blocks to press down the planks for gluing. I soon discovered that the blocks were not going to be sufficient to hold them down. Luckily I had several buckets of sand on hand and that provided enough weight to press the footlings down.

Footlings 02

The footlings installed.

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