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Tiller and Rudder

Rudder & Tiller 01

In a slight departure from most tillers, this one was made from a piece of clear pine.

Rudder & Tiller 03

Test fitting the tiller and rudder assembly. The area where this Pelican will be sailed contains numerous shallow areas and the cove where she will be tied up is in a tidal mud flat and marsh. For that reason I designed a heavy duty kick-up rudder.

Painting - Resin Coating

Painting - Resin Coating

The hull was turned over again so that the bottom and sides could be painted. Two additional coats of fiberglass resin were applied.

Painting - Bottom and Sides

Painting - Bottom & Sides 01

Next came one coat of Pettit Tie Coat Primer.

Painting - Bottom & Sides 02

Next came two coats of Pettit Easypoxy Polyurethane Topside Paint.


Painting - Repainting

And then the disaster! I discovered that the paint was not adhering to the resin coating. It would chip off with the slightest bump. Evidently I didn’t get all the amine blush from the resin off before painting. I decided to grind off all three coats of paint and start over.

Paint - Exterior & Interior

Paint - Exterior

The decks were painted with Pettit Clear Sealer and Pettit Polyurethane Topside Paint. One coat of clear sealer, one coat of sealer mixed with topside paint and two coats of topside paint.

After considerable research I noticed that there were many reports of successful use of garage floor paint for boat interiors so I decided to go with that. It adhered very well to the resin coating that I had used to seal the interior and appears to have been a good choice

Paint - Interior

Coamings, trim, sheer molding, stem post and spars were painted with Minwax Mahogany Gel Stain with several coats of Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane. The centerboard trunk was left clear with several coats of resin

The boat is almost finished now and just needs to be fitted with some additional hardware and rigging.

This photo shows “Nessie” sort of longingly looking out from the workshop and across the road where she will soon be berthed.

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