Butler Cemetery Cleanup

The general cleanup of the cemetery is nearly complete. When we first began the work of cleaning up the cemetery it was full of weeds, brush, and fallen limbs & trees.  We have cut brush and removed fallen trees and limbs and will continue to do so periodically to keep them under control.

A major danger to many small graveyards is the effects of falling trees and limbs and the Butler Cemetery has this problem. The entire area is surrounded by large trees and several stones have been broken when trees have fallen on them.

Recently we had a serious situation where a very large tree limb broke during a winter storm and became lodged between other branches about 30 feet high in the tree. The limb was suspended directly over the oldest stones in the cemetery and was poised to destroy them when it finally came down. We knew that eventually that limb would fall so it was cause for great concern.

The situation was resolved when our kind neighbor who had some professional tree trimming work done on his property sent the trimming crew over to our cemetery. They did a perfect job of bringing that huge limb down safely with no damage to the stones below.

In addition to the perimeter trees there are now several trees that have matured to full size inside the graveyard and will probably become a problem sometime in the future. We will need to call in an experienced tree cutter to surgically remove those trees.   


A view from the South entrance showing some of the trees that will need to be removed.

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