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A Stranger On Earth

Title: A Stranger On Earth: An Introduction To Marianne Faithfull


Artist: Marianne Faithfull

Format: CD

Label: UK Decca/Universal

Number: 585 152-2

Release Date: Aug 2001


Note: As Tears Go By [Version 2] (3:45)
Sister Morphine [Version 1] (5:28)
Reason To Believe (2:18)
Is This what I Get For Loving You (3:54)
Come And Stay With Me (2:27)
Strange Weather (4:13)
Guilt (5:08)
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan (4:09)
A Stranger On Earth (3:59)
This Little Bird (2:04)
Monday Monday (3:10)
Bored By Dreams (3:08)
I'm A Loser (2:17)
House Of The Rising Sun [Version 1] (4:18)
Sweetheart (3:15)
Gloomy Sunday (3:13)

Track List:

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