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Come My Way (2002)

Title: Come My Way


Artist: Marianne Faithfull

Format: CD

Label: Universal (Japan)

Number: ?

Release Date: Mar 2002



Come My Way [Version 1] (2:02)
Jaberwock (2:30)
Portland Town (2:57)
House Of The Rising Sun [Version 2] (2:17)
Spanish Is A Loving Tongue (3:42)
Fare Thee Well (2:50)
Lonesome Traveller (2:02)
Down In The Salley Garden (2:00)
Mary Ann [Version 1] (1:42)
Full Fathom Five (1:21)
Four Strong Winds (2:58)
Black Girl (2:26)
Once I Had A Sweetheart (2:07)
Bells Of Freedom (2:03)
Blowin' In The Wind (Bonus Track)
Et Maintenant (Bonus Track)
Thats Right Baby (Bonus Track)
Sister Morphine (Bonus Track)

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