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Faithless (2001)

Title: Faithless (2001 Reissue)


Artist: Marianne Faithfull

Format: CD

Label: Castle

Number: CMACD 584

Release Date: 2001



01-Dreamin' My Dreams (3:16)
02-Vanilla O'Lay (3:56)
03-Wait For Me down By The River (3:33)
04-I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (3:51)
05-Lady Madeleine (4:22)
06-All I Wanna Do In Life (2:40)
07-The Way You Want Me To Be (2:04)
08-Wrong Road Again (2:46)
09-That Was The Day (Nashville) (4:14)
10-This Time (3:02)
11-I'm Not Lisa (3:17)
12-Honky Tonk Angels (4:05)

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