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Marianne Faithfull Appearances - TV - Film - VHS - DVD


Hullabaloo (Jan 1965)
(episode 1.2) (TV Guest Appearance)


Shindig! (Feb 1965)
(episode 1.23) (TV Guest Appearance)


Shindig! (Feb 1965)
(episode 1.25) (TV Guest Appearance)


Hullabaloo (Apr 1965)
(episode 1.13) (TV Guest Appearance)


Shindig! (July 1965)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Shindig! (Aug 1965)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Shindig! (Sep 1965)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Shindig! (Oct 1965)
(TV Guest Appearance


Hullabaloo Vol 6 (1965)
(TV Video) (Performer)


Hullabaloo Vol. 9 (1965)
(TV Video) (Performer)

1997 - 63 min. - Television
Cast: The Supremes, Joanie Sommers, Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs,
Peter & Gordon, Little Anthony & The Imperials, The Nashville Teens,
The Byrds, Frankie Avalon (Host), Barbara McNair, Marianne Faithfull, The Hollies.


Hullabaloo Volumes 5-8 (1965)
(TV Video Box Set) (Performer)


Hullabaloo Volumes 9-12 (1965)
(TV Video Box Set) (Performer)


The Music of Lennon & McCartney (1965) (TV)


Gadzooks! It’s All Happening (1965)
(TV Series) (Guest Presenter)

aka It’s The In-Crowd


Made In U.S.A. (Actor)
(Marianne Faithfull plays herself)

1966 - France - 90 min. - Feature, Color
Jean-Luc Godard pays tribute to American filmmakers Nicholas Ray and Sam Fuller with Made in USA, his take on the American gangster movie. Set in Atlantic City, France, the tale centers on Paula Nelson's search for her old flame Richard Politzer.


Anna (1967) (TV) (Singer)


Our World (1967) (TV) (Herself)


I’ll Never Forget What’s ‘Isname (1967)
(Actress) (as Josie)

UK - 99 min. - Feature, Color
Starring Oliver Reed, Orson Welles, Carol White
Featuring Harry Andrews, Marianne Faithfull
Oliver Reed stars as Andrew Quint, a successful advertising agent who seemingly has it all: money, power, a loving family, and a beautiful mistress (Marianne Faithful). However, the good life has left him numb, so after smashing his executive desk to pieces with an axe, he takes the advice of his plotting boss (Orson Welles) and emerges himself in London's infamous Swingers scene. But his quest for meaning and satisfaction find him mired even deeper in a world of futility, alienation and confusion.


Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back (1967) (Herself)
USA - 95 min. - Documentary, B&W
Cast: Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Donovan, Alan Price, Albert Grossman,  Marianne Faithfull, Allen Ginsberg
In 1965, filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker accompanied Bob Dylan to England to make a film about the singer/songwriter's British tour. Recorded were  several brilliant solo performances and a wealth of fly-on-the-wall footage of Dylan's interactions with friends and strangers.


Girl On A Motorcycle (1968)
(Starring Actress) (as Rebecca)

aka La Motocyclette (France)
aka Naked Under Leather (U.S.)
UK / France - 92 min. - Feature, Color
Starring Alain Delon, Marianne Faithfull
Featuring Marius Goring, Roger Mutton
The girl is played by a leather-clad Marianne Faithfull, who speeds through Alsace on her cycle, en route to a tryst in Heidelberg with her ex-lover (Alain Delon). In a series of flashbacks, she recalls the events leading up to the present critical moment, including her desultory marriage. The R-rated Girl on a Motorcycle was originally released in English-speaking countries in an X-rated version titled Naked Under Leather.


Hamlet (1969) (Actress) (as Ophelia)
UK - 114 min. - Feature, Color


Lucifer Rising (1969) (Performer) (as Lilith)
USA - 40 min. - Performance, Color
Cast:Kenneth Anger as Lucifer, Marianne Faithfull as Lilith
Lucifer is depicted as a fallen favorite of God. "Invocation of My Demon Brother" features a Mick Jagger soundtrack.


Somerset Maughham Theatre (1970)
(TV Guest Appearance) (as Ann Torel)

Episode: The Door of Opportunity


Cucumber Castle (1970) (TV) (Uncredited) (plays herself)

t_Sympathy For The Devil

Sympathy For The Devil (1970) (Herself) (backing vocals)
Starring:The Rolling Stones Featuring:Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Anne Wiazemsky, Bill Wyman
The film is a series of abstract fictional vignettes, a portrait of the English rockers, and an examination of the cultural and political movements of the '60s. The film shows The Rolling Stones in a London studio rehearsing "Sympathy For the Devil," a song that became one of the era's most powerful statements. Filmed on location in London, England.


The Stronger (1971) (Actress)
(as Woman 2)


Madhouse Mansion (1974) (Actress)
(as Sophy Kwykwer)

aka Ghost Story
UK - 86 min. - Feature, Color
Starring Marianne Faithfull, Leigh Lawson 
The visitors at a rural English mansion become the victims of a horde of bloodthirsty ghosts. They soon want nothing more than to get out of the house.


Ghost Story (1974) (Actress)
Penelope Keith, Marianne Faithfull, Barbara Shelley, Sally Grace, Murray Melvin
Now available in a deluxe two-disc collector’s edition DVD at


Assault On Agathon (1975) (Actress)
(as Helen Rochefort)

USA / Greece - 96 min. - Feature, Color
The film tells the tale of a World War II guerrilla leader long believed to be dead, who has resurfaced to plot a revolution in the Balkans.


Musikladen (1980) (episode 1.51)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Saturday Night Live (1980)
(TV Guest Appearance)

USA - 90 min. - Television, Color
This episode of Saturday Night Live is hosted by Chevy Chase and features musical guest Marianne Faithfull.


Musikladen (1980) (episode 1.54)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Montenegro (1981) (Singer)
“The Ballad of Lucy Jordan”

aka Montenegro - or Pigs and Pearls


The Compleat Beatles (1982) (Actress) (Herself)
USA - 120 min. - Documentary, B&W and Color
This documentary traces the lives and careers of the Beatles from childhood to breakup.


Trouble In Mind (1982) (Singer)
“Trouble In Mind” & “El Gavilan”

The WAll VHS

The Wall, live In Berlin (1989)  (Performer)
120 min. - Performance, Color
This musical project features Pink Floyd, along with a cast of hundreds in the performance of The Wall. Includes a look at the historic Berlin Wall collapse and features interviews and some behind the scene views.


The Wall: Live In Berlin (1990)
(TV) (Actress) (as The Mother)


Marianne Faithfull Blazing Away (1990)
(Music Video)
Shot live at St. Anne's Cathedral in Brooklyn in 1989, this is the video companion to the live album of the same name, which was issued by Island on CD. Includes some brief comments by Marianne Faithfull on some of the songs.
01 Les Prisons du Roy
02 Strange Weather
03 Guilt
04 Working Class Hero
05 Sister Morphine
06 As Tears Go By
07 Why d'Ya Do It?
08 When I Find My Life
09 The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
10 Times Square
11 Blazing Away
12 She Moved Through the Fair
13 Broken English


The Chieftains: The Bells of Dublin (1991) (Performer)
60 min. - Color
Musical performance video of The Chieftain's is a holiday celebration. Guest stars including Jackson Browne singing "The Rebel Jesus,"
Ricki Lee Jones performing "O Holy Night," and Marianne Faithful singing "I Saw Three Ships a Sailing."


Thelma & Louise (1991) (Singer)
“The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan”


The Turn of the Screw (1992) (Voice)
UK / France - 95 min. - Feature, Color
Another version of Henry James classic supernatural thriller. It all begins when an aristocratic uncle hires a nanny to watch over his innocent niece and nephew who are living in a large country manse. Soon she discovers that the children have been possessed. She also finds herself victimized by her own obsession. Tragedy follows when she tries to free the children from evil.


When Pigs Fly (1993) (Starring Actress)
Netherlands / Japan / Germany / USA - 97 min. - Feature, Color
Marty (Alfred Molina) is a down-and-out jazz musician with colorful dreams of making it big, but right now he's living on the edge and making small money by giving music lessons to people who don't seem to want them. His sometimes girlfriend, Sheila (Maggie O'Neill), is a barmaid at the Rose of Sharon, a local pub owned by the hot-tempered Frank (Seymour Cassel). One day Sheila takes an old rocking chair out of the pub's storage and gives it to Marty; he then discovers that the chair is haunted by two ghosts, a middle-aged woman named Lilly (Marianne Faithfull) and a precocious little girl named Ruthie (Rachel Bella). Ruthie seems to be from the turn of the century, but Lilly is contemporary. These easygoing souls appear to Marty and enliven his life with non-threatening pranks, but things turn serious when Marty discovers Lilly was Frank's wife, who killed her in a fit of rage. With the help of the mortal, the ghosts plan revenge.


Tour D'Ecrou (1994) (Actress)
France - Feature
Cast: Patsy Kensit, Stéphane Audran, Julian Sands, Marianne Faithfull 


Shopping (1994) (Actress) (as Bev)
UK - 105 min. - Feature, Color
Starring: Sadie Frost, Jude Law Featuring: Sean Bean, Marianne Faithfull, Fraser James, Sean Pertwee, Jonathan Pryce.
The story of a barren and anonymous city where the sport of choice is "shopping" - a game in which stolen cars are driven through store windows where the participants loot as much as possible before the police arrive. For Tommy, it's a business, but for Billy & Jo, it's a labor of love. As the competition between Tommy & Billy grows more fierce, the stakes become higher and the "shopping" trips increasingly risky.


The Beatles Anthology (1995)
(Uncredited) (at Sgt Pepper session)


The City of Lost Children (1995)
(Singer) Who Will Take My Dreams Away”


Moondance (1995) (Actress) (as Mother)
Germany - 92 min. - Feature, Color
Starring Julia Brendler, Ruaidhri Conroy, Marianne Faithfull, Ian Shaw
Two teenage brothers vie for the attention of a young German tourist visiting the beautiful Irish countryside. In the process, they learn about heartbreak, jealousy, and the uncertainties of love. Based on the novel THE WHITE HARE by Francis Stuart.


En Avoir (Ou Pas) (1995) (Music Score)
aka To Have (or not)
France - 89 min. - Feature, Color
A young woman working in a fish cannery feels that her life has come to a dead end. When she is laid off from her job, she decides to pull up stakes, leaving her boyfriend behind. While having a drink at a hotel bar, she meets construction worker who also feels alone and unhappy with life, and as the two strike up a conversation, each senses that they've found a kindred spirit, and a tentative romance begins to emerge.
Music Score composed by Marianne Faithfull


Absolutely Fabulous (1996) The Last Shout,
Part 1 (TV Guest Appearance) (as God)

UK - 52 min. - Television, Color
Eddy has a near-death experience out on the slopes in which God appears to her in the form of Marianne Faithfull.


Absolutely Fabulous (1996) The Last Shout,
Part 2 (TV Guest Appearance) (as God)

UK - 52 min. - Television, Color


The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus (1996) (Herself)
UK - 65 min. - Performance, Color
This documentary contains performances from The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and The Who. Originally planned as a television special in 1968, it was shelved shortly after filming because the manager of the Stones, who were acting producers of the show, felt that another of the acts, The Who, upstaged them. The show is set up as a circus with the musicians appearing in elaborate psychedelic costumes. Other performers include Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithfull, and Jethro Tull. Also included is a performance by Dirty Mack, a one-night-stand band comprised of Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Mitch Mitchell, Keith Richard, Jimi Hendrix and Yoko Ono.


Crimetime (1996) (Actress) (Club Singer)
USA - 118 min. - Feature, Color
Set in a future where the media has become nearly omnipotent, this violent crime thriller blurs the line between life and art while commenting upon the insanity of those who would do anything for fame. Marianne Faithfull plays the Club Singer.


La mas plus (1997) (TV Guest Appearance)


Ruby (1997)
(episode 1.3) ( TV Guest Appearance


Saturday Night Live (1997)
(episode 23.8) (TV Guest Appearance)


Beautiful Losers (1997) (TV) (Herself)


Born To Run (1997) (TV Series)
(Singer) “Title Song”


A Dance To The Music Of Time (1997)
(TV series) (Singer)

“20th Century Blues”


Marianne Faithfull - Sings Kurt Weill (1997)
Music Video

01. Alabama Song
02. Pirate Jenny
03. Bilbao Song
04. Complainte de la Seine
05. The Ballad of the Soldier's Wife
06. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
07. Don't Forget Me
08. Surabaya Johnny
09. Street Singer's Farewell
10. If Love Were All


Twentieth Century Blues: The Songs of Noel Coward (1998) (Video) (Herself)
A tribute to the great British songwriter Noël Coward


Ruby (1999) (episode 3.8)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Never Mind The Buzzcocks (1999) (episode 6.4) (TV Guest Appearance)


Here, There and Everywhere: A Concert For Linda (1999) (TV) (Herself)


The Girl On The Bridge aka La Fille sur le pont (1999) (Singer)
“Who Will Take My Dreams Away”


So Graham Norton (2000) (episode 4.7)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Hendrix (2000) (uncredited)
(Herself with Mick Jagger)


The Beatles Revolution (2000) (TV) (Herself)


Marianne Faithfull - Dreaming My Dreams (2000) (Video) (Herself) 90 min. - Documentary
A profile of Marianne Faithfull. Her relationships with John Dunbar and Mick Jagger are explored, as well as her descent into drug addiction and eventual rehabilitation. She talks frankly about her personal life and career and how they have shaped her as a singer and songwriter. Included on the video are several tracks of her music.
1. Vagabond Ways
2. Broken English
3. Working Class Hero
4. Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
5. As Tears Go By
6. Dreaming My Dreams.


Exhale with Candice Bergen (2001)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Intimacy (2001) (Actress) (as Betty)
France - 119 min. - Feature, Color
Starring Kerry Fox, Mark Rylance
Featuring Frazer Ayres, Phillippe Calvario, Marianne Faithfull, Alastair Galbraith, Susannah Harker, Timothy Spall
A man wakes in mid-afternoon in a grungy London apartment. A woman knocks at the door. He lets her in, to an awkward silence. She touches his face tenderly and almost immediately they have stripped and are making love on a mattress on the floor. It is the first of many intense, sexually explicit encounters between Jay (Mark Rylance) and Claire (Kerry Fox). Jay and Claire agree to separate their meetings from the rest of their lives. But after one encounter, Jay follows Claire. He discovers that she acts in a basement theater, and is married to a taxi driver, Andy (Timothy Spall). Following her again, Jay loses her. And, in a reversal of roles, when she reemerges from a shop, she follows him. She is amused at first, but is disturbed when he goes to the basement theater. The emphasis then shifts from Jay and his pain at separating from his wife and reveals a woman trying to start feeling again, who is caught between a needy lover and an anguished, insecure husband.


Absolutely Fabulous: Donkey (2001) (Actor)
UK - 30 min. - Television, Color
aka Absolutely Fabulous: Episode 023
Marianne Faithful reprises her role as God from Absolutely Fabulous: The Last Shout


Far From China (2001) (Acrtess) (as Helen)


Tout le monde parle (2002)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (2002)
(episode 2.5) (TV Guest Appearance)


Forst & Sist (2002) (episode 7.14)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Fame, Fashion and Photography: The Real Blow Up (2002) (TV) (Herself)


His Brother aka Son frere (2003) (Singer) “Sleep”


A Letter To True (2003) (Voice)
USA - 78 min. - Documentary, Color and B&W
Photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber introduces the world to several of the great loves of his life, his dogs, in this feature-length documentary. Included is narration from Julie Christie and vocals from Marianne Faithful to accompany his footage of canines in their element


Le Grand journal de Canal (2004)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Richard & Judy (2004) (TV Guest Appearance)


The Heaven and Earth Show (2004)
(TV Guest Appearance)


Why I Hate The 60s: The Decade That Was Too Good To Be True (TV) (Herself)


Nord-Plage (2004) (Actress)


80s DVD Jukebox (2004) (Performer)
UK - 80 min. - Performance, Compilation, Color
Cast: Wham!, Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Stray Cats, Spandau Ballet, Madness, The Specials, Robert Palmer, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Rod Stewart, Kirsty MacColl, Culture Club, Depeche Mode,
Boomtown Rats, Bananarama, The Pretenders, Howard Jones,
The Police, Marianne Faithfull, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, A Flock of Seagulls.


Live In Hollywood (2005) DVD
This concert was recorded in Hollywood at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Spring 2005. The set includes the main concert on both DVD and CD.
1. Trouble In Mind
2. Falling From Grace
3. Mystery Of Love
4. Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
5. She
6. No Child Of Mine
7. Last Song
8. Kissin' Time
9. Times Square
10. Working Class Hero
11. Incarceration Of A Flower Child
12. Strange Weather
13. Guilt
14. As Tears Go By
15. Sister Morphine
16. Crazy Love
17. Broken English
18. Why D'ya Do It

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