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Kissin Time

Title: Kissin Time


Artist: Marianne Faithfull

Format: CD

Label: EMI/Virgin/Hut

Number: 811738/8120092/12009

Release Date: 2002


Note: The record companies really outdid themselves trying to confuse the public with this album. There were various editions (Promo, US, UK, French, Japanese & Austrailian) where they tinkered with all the various releases by adding one or two additional tracks beyond track 11.  

01-Sex With Strangers (4:21)
02-The Pleasure Song (4:15)
03-Like Being Born (3:51)
04-I'm On Fire (5:11)
05-Wherever I Go (4:27)
06-Song For Nico (3:59)
07-Sliding Through Life On Charm (4:00)
08-Love And Money (2:17)
09-Nobody's Fault (6:28)
10-Kissin Time (5:39)
11-Something Good (3:24)

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