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This Little Bird

Title: This Little Bird


Artist: Marianne Faithfull

Format: CD

Label: DE Spectrum

Number: 550 097-2

Release Date: Aug 1993



01-This Little Bird (2:04)
02-Morning Sun (3:10)
03-Monday Monday (3:10)
04-Our Love Has Gone (3:11)
05-Et Maintenant (3:28)
06-Blowin' In The Wind (3:08)
07-Portland Town (2:57)
08-Is This what I Get For Loving You (3:54)
09-Black Girl (2:26)
10-Oh Look Around You (3:07)
11-What Have They Done To The Rain (2:57)
12-Young Girl Blues (3:30)
13-You Can't Go Where The Roses Go (2:43)
14-Come And Stay With Me (2:27)

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