Construction Photos

Voyager 001_web

The boat as it arrived in the yard (1987).
We converted a portion of the horse paddock into a boat yard.

Voyager 002_web

View from the horse paddock.

Voyager 003_web

Inside the bare hull. It’s dark in there because the six small windows have not been cut yet.

Voyager 004_web

Inside looking aft. The deck drains are installed and a temporary ladder is being used for the numerous trips in and out.

Voyager 005_web

The boat’s first winter. A stairway and access ramp was built to make it easier to come and go.

Voyager 007_web

Installing lead ballast (1990)
Sorting the various sizes and shapes. Luckily the original owner had done all the footwork of gathering the lead from various sources so all we had to do was put it in place.

Voyager 008_web

The ballast crew at work. Most of the work on this boat was done single handed but I needed some help on this part.

Voyager 009_web

Wife Carol passing the lead down below.

Voyager 011_web

Filling the keel with lead. Each piece was weighed, recorded and evenly distributed around the centerboard trunk, fore & aft and port & starboard of the centerline. Each layer of lead was sealed in place with resin.
Total ballast in the keel = 2,775 pounds.

Voyager 013_web

Break time. Charlie & Ruth

Voyager 014_web

Charlie & Carol

Voyager 015_web

Installation of ballast is complete and now the cabin sole supports are installed.

Voyager 016_web

The forward bulkheads and mainmast compression post is in place and now the cabin sole is being installed.

Voyager 017_web

Installing the bulkheads.

Voyager 019_web

The settee is installed.

Voyager 020_web

Looking down inside the outboard motor well showing the sliding motor mount installed.

Voyager 021_web

Temporary pine drop boards were used for the companionway hatch during construction to save wear & tear on the varnished mahogany boards.

Voyager 022_web

Main cabin locker with bins cut , side shelf, dinette seats and the removable dinette table. The table can be lowered to provide sleeping for 2.

Voyager 023_web

The main cabin showing the settee and dinette table.

Voyager 024_web

This view is looking aft and shows the navigation station, quarter berth and companionway step which also serves as a centerboard winch housing.

Voyager 025_web

Galley countertop.

Voyager 026_web

We installed a Coleman icebox under the galley countertop.

Voyager 027_web

Dinette table.

Voyager 028_web

View showing the completed forward cabin, vanity and hanging locker. She is starting to look like a real yacht now! (1994)

Voyager 029_web

The vanity countertop was covered with Formica and the sink installed.

Voyager 030_web

Formica covered dinette table.

Voyager 031_web

View showing completed settee and dinette area.

Voyager 032_web

Completed dinette table and shelf.

Voyager 033_web

Navigation center.

Voyager 034_web

Galley counter with lift up cover. Since we decided to place the ice box under the counter at the forward end, the large area under the lift up cover will be used for dry food storage.

Voyager 035_web

Galley countertop bins.

Voyager 036_web

View looking aft showing dinette, settee, companionway ladder & galley.

Voyager 037_web

View from the forward v-berth cabin.

Voyager 038_web

Close up view of the companionway ladder.

Voyager 039_web

The first mate on a coffee break.

Voyager 040_web

View from the cockpit with varnished drop boards in place.

Voyager 041_web

On deck with all deck hardware installed.

Voyager 042_web

The stern showing air vents and rudder attachments.

Voyager 043_web

Completed forward cabin v-berth with cushions installed.

Voyager 044_web

Main cabin (port side)

Voyager 045_web

Main cabin (starboard side)
The plaque on the bulkhead was given to me by the original owner.

This is a Swell Ship for
The Skipper
But a Hell Ship for
The Crew



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